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  • Listening | Recurso educativo 1682


    Wikisaber Organización

    • 5 lo usan
    • 2952 visitas

    Listening relacionado con el Present Simple y los adjetivos comparativos para practicar la comprensión oral de la lengua inglesa.

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  • Listening Quizzes

    christian negre i walczak Docente

    • 1 lo usan
    • 2171 visitas

    Gran quantitat de listenings!

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  • Listening Bachillerato

    fatima estevanez martinez Docente

    • 2900 visitas

    I use this site to share ESL materials with my students and other teachers of English.

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  • Listening: Kenya | Recurso educativo 8177

    Listening: Kenya

    Anglès 365 Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 2198 visitas

    Listen to the boy explaining a trip to Kenya and place the sentences in the correct column.

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  • Listening (KET) | Recurso educativo 703182

    Listening (KET)

    EduBook Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 1216 visitas

    You will hear three short conversations. There is one question for each conversation. Choose the right answer. What time is Holly going to meet Ben? What time is Sarah’s train leaving today? What time…

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  • Listening (PET)

    EduBook Organización

    • 1264 visitas

    The beginning of Chapter One talks about a little girl named Mary Lennox and her life in India. Listen to the text and for each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space. Mary’s…

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  • Listening Test | Recurso educativo 12583

    Listening Test

    ESL Kids Lab Organización

    • 2204 visitas

    Printable worksheet (PDF). Download Audio file here:

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  • Listening - questions

    EduBook Organización

    • 1119 visitas

    You will hear a conversation between Juliet and the Nurse. The Nurse has returned from the town, where she has seen Romeo. Juliet wants to know the news but the Nurse makes her wait. Listen carefully.…

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  • Listening (F)

    EduBook Organización

    • 1093 visitas

    Listen and write. There is one example.

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  • Listening - Eatanswill

    EduBook Organización

    • 1017 visitas

    Listen to the first part of Chapter Seven and fill in the gaps of the sentences with an appropriate word. When the Pickwickians arrive in Eatanswill, there is a of people cheering and waving blue flags.…

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